West Indian Star Reveals a Heartfelt Story Behind Dahani’s Energetic Celebrations

Multan Sultans fast bowler, Shahnawaz Dahani is one the most improved bowlers among the emerging talent in the Pakistan Super League. The right-arm pacer is known for his unique celebration style after getting a wicket. Most of the cricket fans misinterpret his celebration style but the West Indian all-rounder, Carlos Brathwaite has opened up on his experience with the pacer.

Recently, the Barbados-born cricketer explained the reason behind Dahani’s celebration.  The 33-year- old cricketer recalled a moment when he misinterpret Dahani’s celebration in his debut over in the franchise cricket. Carlos, who helped West Indies to victory in the 2016 T20 World Cup final against England, said when Dahani bowled his debut over in PSL, he ran towards the crowd.

The all-rounder said that Dahani bowled that over really well but when he saw that the pacer was waving to the crowd on debut, Brathwaite thought the fast bowler was being a little bit too arrogant. Carlos later found that Dahani ran towards the crowd because people from his village had traveled for 10 hours to watch him play.

“Dahani was neither arrogant nor was he being over, but he just wanted to appreciate the privilege he had getting out of his village, and playing the sport he loves at a high level. He was so gassed about his villagers coming and watching him, and he enjoyed the moment”.

Carlos further said that people who see him celebrate believe he is arrogant or has a big ego because of his long runs and pointing to the crowd, but the all-rounder assured that Dahani is just a young man who loves the game and enjoys cricket. The West Indian cricketer said that he hoped that the Pakistani people would not misinterpret his actions. “He is a real, pure guy who is simply appreciating his good fortune”.

  • Thanks to the real sportsman Mr. Carlos for understanding feelings of a poor player belonging to the less privileged area. Although he his language, norms and culture are totally different but he understood feelings with his pure soul contrary to Afridi and others having similar norms and culture failed to understand Dahani due to biased and racist approach.

  • Few days back a video went viral showing Dahani cleaning the chairs. A person who can clean the chairs can never be arrogant. He is great.

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