Google Forces YouTube Vanced to Shut Down

Google has forced the shutdown of the YouTube Vanced, which is a popular third-party application for Android that features ad-blocking without a Premium subscription. Aside from the built-in ad-free subscription, the app allows further customizations including, background playback, casting toggle, force HDR mode, picture-in-picture video, and more.

Additionally, the creators of Vanced have revealed that the project will be shut down in the upcoming days, with download links set to be removed. While the app will continue to work for anyone who currently has it installed on their Android devices but without any future updates, it’s likely to stop working soon.

Earlier Google sent the Vanced owners a cease and abstain notice recently, which has forced the developers to stop distributing and developing the app.

Vanced is the latest casualty in Google’s action against third-party applications to access YouTube. Previously, YouTube had forced two popular Discord music bots to go offline, just weeks before starting to test ad-supported YouTube integration into the platform.

Meanwhile, YouTube is also bringing video transcriptions to its Android app. Once live, it’ll allow users to read a video’s expanded description by clicking on the “Show Transcript” button below a video’s expanded description.

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