Irfan Pathan Becomes the Latest Target of Anti-Muslim Indians

Former Indian cricketer, Irfan Pathan, has become the new target of anti-Muslim rhetoric of Indian citizens on the popular social media platform, Twitter. Pathan got brutally trolled for expressing his views that India should be a secular state as it is written in their constitution.

Pathan tweeted that he has always followed the constitution of India and urged his fellow citizens to properly read and understand the constitution of their country.

Pathan’s tweet did not sit well with the Indians as they showcased that anti-Muslim agenda.

Earlier, Pathan had tweeted that India has the potential to be the greatest country in the world but there are a few factors that have held it back. He did not mention the factors. Pathan’s tweet at the time irked former Indian leg-spinner, Amit Mishra, who took a dig at Pathan’s Muslim faith.

Mishra hinted that India could become the greatest country in the world if the constitution is the first book they follow. Mishra’s dig at Pathan for following the Holy Quran ahead of the Constitution was much appreciated by the Islamophobic Indian citizens as they trolled Pathan.

Here are a few reactions: