vivo’s Brilliantly Executed Ramadan Ad Reflects Upon Prioritizing Those Who Truly Matter

Ramadan, a month full of blessings, love, and positivity, not only brings us all together but also imparts a beautiful message to us as it leaves.

Reflecting upon the same ideology, vivo, a young global smartphone brand, has come up with an amazing marketing strategy in its latest DVC.

Taking a unique turn on things, vivo’s new DVC beautifully portrays the importance of sharing joy and love with everyone equally and caring for those who truly matter.

Busy in our own haphazard lives, we often neglect those who put us before everyone else and move mountains to make us feel comfortable. In a subtle yet soothing manner, the DVC narrates how the women in our lives manage every little aspect of it, without even a sigh.

The ad takes us through the daily routine of a doting housewife, mother, and daughter during Ramadan who juggles all the unique roles in her life while catering to the needs of all her family members.

The scenes get a tad bit sentimental when the family members sit together and reflect upon her unhinged support towards the family and decide to put her first as well.

The engaging shots throughout the DVC are a perfect portrayal of the daily routine of the women in our families that people can resonate with. In a casual yet pressing manner, the ad manages to spread its message to its audience, one of positivity, love, and care.  

The widely popular smartphone company, vivo, has always been ahead in everything. With this moving DVC, the brand has not only proven itself as a brand that its users can relate to but has also managed to invoke a positive outcome from a mesmerizing piece of art.  

This Ramadan, let’s make a pledge today to prioritize those who care about us and make them feel special in every way we can.