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Android Users are Better Drivers Than iPhone Users: Research

The rivalry between Android users and iPhone users is legendary. A research finding has added fuel to the fire, as it suggests that Android users are better drivers than iPhone users.

A study by Jerry — a car insurance comparison service — analyzed the driving habits of 20,000 US-based drivers over the course of 13 million kilometers.

Researchers categorized the results into six parts that included braking, accelerating, turning, speed, distracted driving, and overall driving safety. The study revealed that Android users scored better in all six categories than iPhone users.

It showed the biggest difference in distracted driving section, where iPhone users were down by six points in terms of safe driving. Other findings revealed that:

Among users of both operating systems older people who are married, homeowners, who live in the Midwest, have bachelor’s or more advanced degrees, and higher credit ratings scored highest overall.

It bears mentioning, though, that Android users scored better than iPhone users in every segment. For example, single Android users scored better than married iPhone users, while Android users without advanced degrees performed better than iPhone users with advanced degrees.

Even in the underlying socio-economic classes, Android users scored better than iPhone users. However, the research focuses purely on the behavioral aspect rather than the usability aspect. The study shows that Android users are more likely to follow rules while iPhone users are rebellious in nature.