Rupee Falls Rapidly Against US Dollar Because of Overseas Pakistanis and Oil Prices

The Pakistani Rupee (PKR) depreciated against the US Dollar (USD) and posted losses in the interbank market today. It lost 90 paisas against the greenback at the close of the session today.

It depreciated by 0.48 percent against the USD and closed at Rs. 187.52 as compared to the last closing of Rs. 186.62 in the interbank market last week.

The Rupee closed in the red against the dollar during the start of the new week. Today’s losses are a result of the local exchange unit’s continued struggle against various factors threatening to impede fiscal progress.

Earlier in the day, discussing the rupee’s near-term outlook, the former Treasury Head of Chase Manhattan Bank, Asad Rizvi, noted on Twitter,

“Widening of Trade Deficit to $ 39.26 billion in 10-months of the current FY is caused by record-high imports that have surged to $ 65.49 billion versus $ 44.73 billion is not good news because OIL prices are not easing. While drying up of remittances this week could delay rupee recovery.”

While the remittances, through the Roshan Digital Accounts (RDAs), for April have offered encouragement – as $245 million was recorded in April 2022 – the inflows have completely dried out after the holidays.

The noteworthy inflows of remittances through RDA were reported due to the month of Ramadan, in which overseas Pakistanis usually remit relatively higher amounts to their relatives for Eid celebrations and the religious obligation of Zakat and Fitra.

The depletion of foreign reserves and delay in the resumption of the International Monetary Funds program (IMF) are hurting the Rupee badly. The government has also failed in receiving any funding from Saudi Arabia, UAE, and China, exasperating the depleting reserves crisis.

  • Why blame overseas Pakistanis for not sending money after new govt take over?

  • Dont blame overseas Pakistanis for such situation. They dont want their hardly earned money to be looted by corrupt politicians and to be used by politicians self use. They had faith in Imran Khan.

    • Imran khan Kay dour mein Tu dhouad ki nehrein bhey rhi thi na ju overseas bhout kush thy?we don’t want them to interfere insha’Allah we will tackle this hard time on our own they and you just kiss Imran khan balls daily

  • Overseas pakistanis have no right to be involved in pakistani economical and political issues as they are outside from pakistan and they just support themselves and their family whatever they are facing critical problems in earning so if they are really in hardships so they must think about pakistani poors
    Most of them are happy because of decreasing rupee value so that they can easily make properties in Pak by US dollars

    • اپنی سوچ کا دائرہ تھوڑا وسیع کیجئے تاکہ آپ کو حقیقت نظر آئے

    • Sir, its pakistani citizen within the country who is consuming imports from foreign countries without having the ability to pay for those imported goods. Overseas pakistani are only being given political lollypop.

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