Cricketer Asif Ali Fined for Tinted Car Windows

In an interesting development, City Traffic Police (CTP) Lahore has fined Asif Ali for having dark tinted windows on his vehicle. According to details, CTP fined the renowned cricketer on Ichra Pull, Lahore.

Authorities commended Asif Ali for being an upstanding citizen and cooperating with the wardens in a polite manner. Inspector Muhammad Azam stated that CTP strives to uphold the law indiscriminately. He stated that:

In order to establish the supremacy of law, action must be taken without any discrimination. Cricketer Asif Ali was challaned Rs. 500 for violating a traffic rule. The law is equal for all, and action will be taken against others who do not comply.

Punjab police also announced a dramatic increase in fine rates to curb traffic violations in Lahore. The department made the announcement via a social media post that now, instead of a few hundred rupees, violators will be fined Rs. 2000 minimum for breaking the traffic rules.

  • I didn’t get the point that a rich offender commended by police after being fine for only Rs. 500/- while sitting in Parado?
    Remember a fine for not wearing helmet on bike is Rs. 2000/-.

  • Fines should be heavy starting from Rs10000/- minimum. The more heavy the fine, the more the commuters will follow the traffic laws and be vigilant.

  • Eye witness : as per the incident fine imposed on this offender was more than 1500 but later higher officials directed the wardens that now because people has seen the incident so impose minimum fine and asif the offender was also informed about

  • When black shades are available you don’t need to tint your vehicle window unless criminal activity is going on behind the scenes

  • Do it for everyone including police, army, politicians and government officials vehicles specially in Karachi city. Law is for everyone with no exception.

  • It is not a matter of amount of the fine (if a famous & rich person can pay Rs.500/- then he/ she can also pay Rs.10,000/- as a fine).
    Here the Constable and Asif Ali both deserve appreciation on honouring the law.
    Salute to both.

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