Nearly Half of World’s 10 Hottest Places Are in Pakistan Today

The prevailing extreme weather conditions across the country refuse to subside as five Pakistani cities have been ranked among the top ten hottest places on earth today.

At the time of writing, Jacobabad, Sibi, Jhelum, Nawabshah, and D.I. Khan are the Pakistani cities among the top ten hottest places and have recorded extreme temperatures.

According to details, Jacobabad has recorded 48°C and is the second hottest place on earth today. Sibi has recorded 47°C and is the joint third hottest place in the world.

Jhelum has recorded 46.4°C and is the sixth hottest city worldwide. Nawabshah has recorded 46.2°C and is the seventh hottest place in the world. D.I. Khan has recorded 46°C and is the ninth hottest place on earth.

Overall, Arafat (Saudi Arabia) has recorded 48.6°C and is the hottest place on earth today. Senegalese cities of Matam and Linguere have recorded 47°C and 46.8°C respectively. The former is the third hottest place and the latter is the fifth hottest place on earth today.

Let’s have a look at the top 15 hottest places in the world today.

Sr. No. Place Country Temperature Rank
1. Arafat Saudi Arabia 48.6°C 1st
2. Jacobabad Pakistan 48°C 2nd
3. Matam Senegal 47°C 3rd
4. Sibi Pakistan 47°C 3rd
5. Linguere Senegal 46.8°C 5th
6. Jhelum Pakistan 46.4°C 6th
7. Nawabshah Pakistan 46.2°C 7th
8. Jahra Kuwait 46.1°C 8th
9. D.I. Khan Pakistan 46°C 9th
10. Kayes Mali 46°C 9th
11. Al-Wafra Kuwait 45.8°C 11th
12. Jhansi India 45.6°C 12th
13. Kuwait City Kuwait 45.5°C 13th
14. Nowgong India 45.5°C 13th
15. Rosso Mauritania 45.5°C 13th


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