Video of Famous TikToker Setting Forest on Fire for a Shoot Irks Social Media

Pakistani TikTok is always rife with disturbing trends and another shocking trend of setting forest areas on fire is gaining traction on the famous short video sharing platform these days.

Famous model and TikTok influencer, Nosheen Syed aka Dolly, recently partnered up with an exclusive designer wear brand, Bling, to shoot a promotional video of the brand’s latest clothing lineup.

However, the promotional video was shot by setting a large area of an unidentified forest on fire, putting the lives of thousands of citizens in the nearby areas at risk.

This bizarre attempt to garner views on TikTok was bound to go wrong as social media users were quick to criticize the heinous act. The public outrage forced Dolly and Bling to take down the videos immediately.

Chairperson of Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB), Rina Satti, has also strongly condemned the deliberate attempt of destroying the country’s forests.

Taking to Twitter, Rina Satti termed the recent TikTok trend as disturbing. She said that young people desperate for followers are setting fire to forests in the hot and dry weather.

Rina Satti added that Australian laws prescribe lifetime imprisonment to those who start wildfires, highlighting the need for the introduction of similar laws in Pakistan.

TikTok issued a statement following the incident saying, “Any content that promotes dangerous or illegal behavior would be a violation of our Community Guidelines and is not allowed on our platform. We work to either remove, limit or label content that depicts dangerous or illegal acts. We remain vigilant in our commitment to user safety and encourage everyone to exercise caution and responsibility in their behavior whether online or off.”

  • She’s an influencer. I feel like accepting a plea deal to apologize and do a PSA on TikTok as well as a mandatory sentence of like 2 years would be a prime example to set and would influence the public’s perception

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