Pakistan Set to Import 100MW Electricity from Iran for Gwadar

Pakistan has approached Iran to supply an additional 100 MW of electricity to the port city of Gwadar.

The country is getting 40 MW of electricity from Iran for the past 23 years to provide electricity in Kech, Makran, and Panjgur districts.

Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal during his visit to the port city last week said that the government, through the ministry of Energy, has approached the Iranian authorities for the supply of additional electricity to Gwadar which is the hub of all CPEC activities.

China is also building a 300 MW power project in the city along with other infrastructure development projects. Gwadar is not connected to the national grid and relies on power from neighboring Iran. Water has also become scarce after a dam dried up.

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  • Hopefully this move provides some relief to the people in these cities because right now they are facing almost half day’s worth of load shedding daily.

  • While we are paying excess bills due to under utilization of electricity generation capacity. On the other hand, we are importing electricity!

    This madness must end.

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