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Sindh Warns Defaulting Car Owners to Pay Taxes Immediately

Sindh Government has issued a warning of strict action against tax defaulting car owners.

Provincial Minister for Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control (ET&NC) Department Mukesh Kumar Chawla has announced a campaign for tax collection. He added that the campaign will last till June 3, after which, the government will take action against tax defaulting vehicles.

In a statement, Kumar told the people to pay their taxes on an urgent basis. Meanwhile, authorities claim to have collected a total of over Rs. 252 million worth of taxes from defaulting car owners.

In other relevant news, Sindh ET&NC department has been carrying out a road checking operation for over a week. According to details, authorities have checked a total of 21,303 across the province.

Of those vehicles, 1,358 vehicles were seized due to various reasons, while the documents of 1,958 vehicles were also confiscated during the road checking operation.

By the fourth day, the authorities collected a total of over Rs. 21.4 million in taxes from the car owners. Chawla has instructed the authorities to maintain a stern stance against non-compliant car owners.