Govt Striving to Tackle Inflationary Pressure on Sugar Industry: Miftah

Federal Minister for Finance Miftah Ismail Friday assured Chairman Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) Chaudhry Zaka Ashraf, that the government is striving to tackle inflationary pressure on the sugar industry.

Ashraf appreciated the efforts of the current government to tackle the inflationary pressure and apprised the finance minister about the issues that are being faced by the sugar industry.

The minister stressed maintaining the strategic reserves of sugar and regulating the prices of sugar in the country for avoiding any price hikes and providing maximum relief to the masses. He assured the PSMA Chairman that the present government is aware of the issues being faced by the sugar industry in Pakistan and is keen to resolve these problems.

The minister expressed the resolve of the government to promote business activities and facilitate the business community to attain sustainable growth in the country.