SECP Chairman and Commissioners Disclose Investments in Capital Market

Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Chairman Amir Khan owns 120,364 shares in UBL Fund as well as Al-Meezan.

As per the details, the Chairman, as well as other commissioners, have made investments in different funds as well as CDC’s Individual Investor Account.

SECP Chairman Amir Khan has disclosed 3,795 units in UBL Retirement Savings Fund (URSF) and Equity Sub Fund (URSF-ESF), 55,832 units in UBL’s Sock Advantage Fund (USF), 38,614 units in UBL’s Money Market Fund (MMF), 17,845 units in Al-Meezan MTPF Equity Subsidy Fund and 4,278 units in Al-Meezan MTPF Debit Sub-fund.

Meanwhile, Commissioner SECP, Sadia Khan, also disclosed her investments in different funds. As of 30 June 2021, she owns 10,002 units in Pakistan Cables, 500 units in Siemens Pakistan, 100 units in Habib Bank Limited (HBL), and 1,691 in Delta Shipping (Pvt) Limited, along with 10,000 in Delta Transport (Pvt) Limited. Shares in Pakistan Cables, Siemens Pakistan, and HBL were bought as qualification shares at the time of being inducted as an independent director in these companies and will be disposed of over time. Moreover, the latter two are family business concerns and shares were allotted at the time of service with the business concern.

Former Commissioner SECP, Farrukh H. Sabzwari, had disclosed huge investments in different funds as well as CDC’s Individual Investor Account.

Sabzwari owned 173,573.9989 units in MCF–Al Meezan Investment Management Ltd, 138,534.7333 in MIF-Al Meezan Investment Management Ltd, 111,020.1455 units in BMA Chundrigar Road Savings Fund, 3,838.3471 units in UBL-Al-Ameen Islamic Retirement Savings Fund, 89,451.9186 units in Al-Ameen Shariah Stock Funds and many others.

It is pertinent to note that Commissioners of the SECP are bound to disclose their investment in pursuance of sub-section (6) of section 16 of the SECP of Pakistan Act, 1997. These disclosures were made as on 30 June 2021.