Pakistan to Challenge IPL’s 2.5 Month Window at Next ICC Meeting

According to sources, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is set to challenge the Indian cricket board’s decision to prolong the window for the Indian Premier League from 2024 onwards.

A source from the PCB remarked that India’s decision to hold the IPL for two and a half months will be discussed in detail in the next ICC board meeting which is scheduled to take place during the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in July.

PCB will question the decision to prolong a franchise T20 tournament at the expense of international cricket which could further cut down the schedule of the Pakistani players.

The source further remarked that while BCCI Secretary, Jay Shah, had stated that India is committed to international bilateral cricket their actions portray the complete opposite as the cricketing calendar will be cut down even further.

He said that a detailed discussion between the cricket boards will have to take place in order for this move to go through.

Currently, the IPL is played during a two-month window with international cricket coming to a halt during the tournament. BCCI’s decision to expand the tournament even further will not only have an impact on the Pakistani players as they are not allowed to take part in the tournament, but it could also potentially lead to the downfall of international cricket.