Get Ready for Phone Call Loadshedding Soon

Telecom operators have warned the public to get ready for regular outages of ‘phone calls’ across the country just like electricity loadshedding after the federal government increased the taxes on the telecom industry.

The development emerged from the recent meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance during which the representatives of the telecom companies raised serious concerns about the tax hike.

During the meeting, the representatives of telcos said that the federal government has raised the advance tax on imported fiber optic cable by 15% while duty has been increased by 20%.

They claimed that the telecom companies are already grappling with several challenges and the increase in taxes on fiber optic cable will put an additional burden on the telecom industry.

The representatives of telcos said that fiber optic cable is only used in 10% of towers across the country, adding that Pakistan will lose the global connectivity race in case the government doesn’t reduce taxes on fiber optic cable.

They requested the committee to recommend the government decrease the taxes on the import of fiber optic cable to 8%. The committee ensured the telecom companies to forward their suggestion to the government.

    • Agreed they have earned money from Pakistan and now they weaping. If 50% tax was imposed on them they can afford it at the end of the day this burden would be shifted to common man this is just lame excuse

    • Ultimately public hi suffer krti hy. Sara burden shift hote hote end user pe hi ata hy har chez ka.

  • As per my opinion, Telecom Operators have earned a lot amount of money, They are consistent with their earnings. But let us not forget that telecom companies have their own mafia. We the people are already paying taxes huge amount of taxes during a card recharge, on Packages, on phone calls, on all other services. They will anyhow find a way to collect this tax from the people. This is lose lose situation for an ordinary citizen.
    At last, it is WE who are on a losing spree.
    May Allah have pity on us. We are at the verge of bankruptcy. Pakistan has been looted and eaten up by bureaucrats, politicians, Judges, etc etc. This is another nail in the coffin

  • They deduct your balance Even if you have an internet package and inform by sms that you are using internet on standard rates and if you complain they say send us the screen shot.
    These companies are the biggest culprits in the country and politicians, business community, bribe taking officials are nothing

  • 😂 😂
    Lol they gonna annoy govt people for not letting em make normal calls
    After all everyone uses normal calling instead of internet calling at some occasions

    Regarding questions what they do is wrong both the govt and companies

  • All telecom operator all blackmailer Turn off the SIM for two days, their minds will come to rest

  • Pakistan producing High Quality Fiber cable n are being Exported to MEA and Africa region by Premier Cables.

    When we have top quality cables made locally, it make sense to import an loss our Foreign currency?

    Issues exists for Local Telecom industry like High hardware Valuation by Customs, banking issues like cash margins for LC and many more.

    Price hike in Fuel is more than killing for a MNO as all BTS site using DGs.

    To control USD vs PKR rate is most important. Where we seeing it went to 212+ per $!!!

  • The representatives of telcos said that fiber optic cable is only used in 10% of towers across the country…………. this explains why cell phone quality service is so low… even nowadays local cable walas are running gpon networks.

  • Is there anyone who can calculate how much Jazz and other earnwd from Pakistan. If we Pakistan is suffering then they must pay. Connectivity race could be managed later .

  • han to ye sari raat walay package khatam karo 9 to 6 acha rate du takay business disturb na hu and after 6 to morning heavy charge karo.
    Dam hai?

  • I have worked in Cellular industry for almost 20 years now. Who says they are going in loss. Electricity load shedding doing a bit damage as Companies use to run Power generators on expensive fuel otherwise they are sitting on a gold mine.

  • They are running business not charity. It’s funny that you all are whining on their profit making, which is the only objective of any business

  • So the point is;
    Anyone can blackmail Government and get their own wishes get approved (agreed on). Whether it’s Automotive, Airline, Telecom, Textile or anyone.
    In fact, different professionals like Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers etc can also go on strike and get their own wish list approved from any Government.

    I propose the new name of our country, “Banana Republic”.

  • Simply a stupid article that makes no sense and is not even coherent. Haroon Hayder needs to rework on his journalism.

    1, Tax is revenue driven in simple %age terms. paying more tax also means you are earning more revenue. makes no sense to reduce revenue to reduce tax. its not a step formula.

    2, Fiber is manufactured in Pakistan aswell. currently majority towers are connected via microwave instead of fiber. fiber or no fiber the towers will still be connected.

    3, this just a clickbait article that has no technical standing. all companies are facing tower down time as they run out of proportioned fuel backup on sites due to excessive loadshedding. companies are prioritizing adding more fuel on site profitability basis.

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