Here’s How Much Free Monthly Fuel KP’s Ministers and Officials Will Get

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has revealed the revised free monthly fuel quotas of all provincial government departments, institutions, and organizations.

According to details, provincial ministers will now receive 390 liters of free petrol while Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary, Home Secretary, Finance Secretary, and Inspector General of Police (IGP) will now get 146 liters. Previously, they were entitled to 600 liters of free fuel each month.

Secretaries of the remaining departments, Commissioners, and Deputy Inspector Generals (DIGs) will now receive 130 liters against the previous 200 liters.

Chairman KP Public Service Commission will get 98 liters instead of 150 liters and Deputy Commissioners (DCs) will get 104 liters against the previous 160 liters.

The development comes a couple of weeks after the Chief Minister (CM) KP, Mehmood Khan, approved slashing the free fuel quota of ministers and officials by 35% following a massive increase in the prices of petroleum products.

The decision was taken after citizens protested to end the monthly free fuel quota and the provision of subsidized fuel to the former and incumbent presidents, prime ministers, chief ministers, governors, judges, federal and provincial ministers, bureaucrats, government employees, and members of the armed forces and other law enforcement agencies.

  • When a minimum wage worker fuel his vehicle with his own pocket why these incompetent high paid servants cannot?

  • Is this fuel quota for their official vehicles for commuting on official activities? If its for personal use then it should be abolished altogether. Anyways, good move by KPK now other provinces should also share their data.

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