‘Girls are No Less Than Boys’: Tuba Hassan Talks About Playing at Men’s Cricket Club

Young leg-spinner Tuba Hassan revealed that she started her cricketing journey by playing for a men’s cricket club due to a lack of proper club cricket for girls. She also opened up about her experience of being the only girl in the club.

Tuba Hassan developed a passion for cricket at a young age while playing in the streets of Lahore. However, her journey was not easy as there were no women’s cricket clubs in the city where she could polish her skills. Tuba’s father sent her to a men’s cricket club so that she could pursue her dreams in the field of cricket.

In an interview, Tuba Hassan talked about playing at a men’s cricket club and told that her experience was quite encouraging.

21-year-old leg-spinner said, “As you know, I have played club cricket, there is a big role of my father in it. I was lucky that he supported me throughout my journey. But the club cricket was good. The boys were decent and the coaches as well. I think, as a girl, it is not easy to play with the boys. But you have to be more confident because girls are no less than boys. Just trust yourself and stick to your goals as I did.”

Tuba Hassan also told that she started bowling leg-spin at club upon her coach’s suggestion at the age of 13 and she gradually developed herself into the star spinner she is today.

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