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Honda Civic Hybrid 2022 Can Go 1,000 Kilometers on a Full Tank of Fuel

Although not a pioneer in hybrid technology, Honda is still regarded as one of the best hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) makers in the world.

The company recently debuted Civic e:HEV in Thailand and has made some bold claims regarding its fuel economy.


Power Output

Civic e:HEV is offered in two variants — EL+ and RS. Both variants have a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine that — combined with a dual-motor hybrid system — makes 182 horsepower (hp) and 315 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque.

Civic RS 2022
Honda Civic RS 2022

This makes the Civic RS e:HEV more powerful than the turbocharged Civic RS, which has a power and torque deficit of 2 hp and 75 Nm respectively.


Both variants will include standard features such as vehicle stability control traction control, electronic parking brake, backup camera, parking sensors, and the latest iteration of Honda Sensing, among other amenities.

RS variant will likely have some cosmetic upgrades over EL+ such as a lip spoiler, blacked-out grille, different alloy wheel design, etc.

Fuel Economy

Honda’s new dual-motor i-MMD hybrid system gives the Civic e: HEV great fuel efficiency. Honda Thailand claims that it manages a fuel economy of 4.0-litre/100 km (25 km/liter).

Civic RS 22 Rear
Honda Civic RS 2022

This implies that — on paper — the car can go on a 1,000-km cross-country trip on a single tank of fuel. It also bears mentioning that Civic’s e:HEV fuel tank holds 40 liters while non-hybrid variants carry 47 liters of fuel.


Civic e:HEV’s price starts from THB 1,129,000 (Rs. 6.77 million) and tops out at THB 1,259,000 (Rs. 7.5 million). Although it has a massive price tag, Civic e:HEV offers great value in terms of frugality, comfort, and performance.

Although it is unknown if Honda Atlas will launch this variant in Pakistan, Civic e:HEV will certainly appeal to car buyers with deep pockets.

  • Not a pioneer in hybrid technology! Were you born yesterday or something? Do you not know that Prius and Insight were launch together by Toyota and Honda.

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