Is Suzuki Discontinuing GS150 in Pakistan?

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) is considering discontinuing GS150 in Pakistan due to fuel price hikes. According to company sources, PSMC is planning to discontinue one of its best-selling motorcycles in Pakistan and replace it with a 125cc bike.

Sources in the company say that decision is yet to be finalized but talks are underway for a potential change.

A Suzuki motorcycle dealer said that the automaker is facing issues in the import of completely knocked-down (CKD) kits due to rising shipping costs, petrol prices, and depreciating local currency. Due to that, discontinuation is likely, he added.

The State Bank has been trying to curb imports to save foreign exchange reserves from plummeting. According to the latest reports, the reserves have already fallen below $9 billion.

Moreover, increasing fuel prices are hacking the sales of vehicles with large engines. The same can be said for bikes as well, as Suzuki ponders replacing its flagship motorcycle with a more efficient and, possibly, less powerful one.

  • What a foolish consideration, 150 cc buyers will buy 150 cc bike, ppl dnt buy it to save on fuel but for the performance it offers over 125 cc bikes.

    • I’ve got GS150 since 2007…. still running on same engine… still giving 35+ per litre.
      Getting lead from my experience, multiple friends of mine have bought and operated different models over these years, till this very year.
      These people include daily users to touring enthusiasts.
      None of us have the sort of issue that you’ve mentioned.
      I hope you’ve owned a new bike, rather using and commenting basing on used 2nd hand bike.

  • GS150 is worst quality bike in Pakistan. It’s fresh delivered units have rust on metallic parts.

    • If you think that suzuki bikes have quality issue then you’d better shift permanently to 4 wheels.

  • They have 110, but fuel average same as 150, so. How can 125 be better in average? Why don’t they improve technology on 110 so bring up the average?

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