InvoZone, Devsinc Sign MoU for Inclusion of Intersex Community in IT Sector

Two renowned software and app development companies, InvoZone and Devsinc, have signed an MoU that will focus on the inclusion of the intersex community in the IT sector in Pakistan.

The main purpose of this MoU is to open doors of the IT sector to the intersex people in Pakistan who otherwise face socio-cultural discrimination on a regular basis.

Together, through this collaboration, both companies will strive to create employment opportunities for this marginalized community. They will make sure that at least 1% of their employees comprise intersex people.

Both InvoZone and Devsinc, being major players in the software development landscape, exercise an aim to promote inclusivity in IT, which is a booming sector in Pakistan, especially in terms of job creation.

Talking about this initiative, Furqan Aziz, CEO and Founder of InvoZone, said, “I’m proud of my company and Devsinc for taking this groundbreaking step. Intersex people are often rendered invisible and denied basic opportunities. Together we want to change this stereotype. For this, we would like people from the intersex community to reach out to us.”

Talking about this persistent discrimination against the intersex community, Usman Asif, CEO Devsinc, said, “Despite having proper skills and education the intersex community is not given equal opportunities they truly deserve. Our aim here is to include gender sensitivity training in our organizations. So that our organizations and employees are welcoming towards them.”

InvoZone and Devsinc are major players in the IT sector of Pakistan. InvoZone with 500+ employees has offices in Malaysia, Canada, the USA, and Pakistan, while Devsinc with offices in Malaysia, Canada, and Pakistan can together transform the job landscape for 10,418 intersex people in Pakistan.

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