Pakistan’s National Swimming Champion Mysteriously Disappears in Hungary

Pakistan’s four-time national swimming gold medalist, Faizan Akbar, has reportedly gone missing in Hungary.

According to details, Faizan disappeared a few hours after arriving in Budapest to take part in the ongoing 19th FINA World Championships. After arriving at the airport, Faizan checked in to the hotel to take some rest and was nowhere to be found a few hours later.

Sources revealed that Faizan had told his roommate that he will join him for breakfast in the hotel but did not show up. Instead, he had left the hotel with all his personal belongings except the official Pakistan shirt.

The 22-year-old swimmer also missed the 100m backstroke in the FINA World Championships which was scheduled to be held on 19 June. Asa a result, the four-time national gold medalist has also been dropped from the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

Reports further revealed Pakistan Swimming Federation (PSF) informed the Pakistani embassy in Hungary, the local police, and other relevant departments to look into the matter further but no information regarding his disappearance has surfaced as of yet.

Furthermore, sources privy to the matter remarked that Faizan might have traveled to some other European country as he possessed a Schengen visa. Faizan’s father was also informed about his disappearance and as per the rules, his family will have to pay a penalty of Rs. 2 million if he willingly ran away.

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  • These lower class people are a shame for the country. 20 million is very less. they should be charged 200 million instead.

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