Heavy Rainfall Turns Karachi’s New Sabzi Mandi Into a Fish Farm [Video]

Karachi has been hit by another spell of torrential monsoon rains, which have flooded residential and commercial areas, damaging property and disrupting the power and communications systems in the city.

The strong monsoon spell also overflowed the small dams in the city, allowing water to enter the low-lying areas, and turned Karachi’s new Sabzi Mandi into a fish farm, with locals spotted fishing.

A video that went viral on social media showed a group of people using clothes to catch fish of various sizes that came to New Sabzi Mandi, which is located on the Super Highway.

The rainfall recorded in the port city was 201 mm, according to PMD reports, but Chief Meteorologist Karachi, Sardar Sarfaraz, stated yesterday that the strong monsoon spell is likely to weaken now.

However, the PMD official has clarified that the current spell will last until today, July 26.

It is worth noting that the Sindh provincial government had also declared a public holiday in the Karachi and Hyderabad divisions on Monday in order to avoid untoward incidents in the province’s most populous districts.