Picture of Locals Capturing Massive Crocodile in Ghotki Goes Viral

Heavy monsoon rainfall has raised the water levels in dams, rivers, and other catchment areas all over the country significantly. Some dams and rivers in Sindh and Balochistan have been overflowing after reaching maximum capacity.

As a result, locals have seen a number of crocodiles in the Qazi Canal of Mirpur Mathelo, a city in Sindh’s Ghotki district. One four-foot-long crocodile entered the adjoining residential area of Qazi Canal.

The presence of the reptile caused panic in the area and residents immediately informed the Wildlife Department about the crocodile. The teams immediately reached the spot and moved the reptile to safety after rescuing it.

The locals told the wildlife teams that several other crocodiles have also entered the nearby fish farms and had eaten a large number of fish, causing fish farmers a loss of thousands of rupees.

The teams assured the locals that they will continue their search to rescue more crocodiles from the area. The teams also advised the locals to stay indoors and avoid going out unnecessarily.

In a separate incident, a large number of fish entered the New Sabzi Mandi along with the Super Highway on Tuesday after a nearby dam overflowed after reaching maximum capacity.

The vegetable traders as well as buyers abandoned the trade of vegetables and started collecting fish. They collected a large number of fish of different sizes and took them away in shopping bags.