Intel’s Arc Gaming GPUs Are Launching Between August and September: Rumor

Rumors about Intel’s Arc desktop graphics cards are a hot topic these days. The computer chip maker is planning to launch graphics cards for PCs between August and September this year.

For those who don’t know, graphics cards (also called GPUs) are used in computers and laptops for displaying content on the screen. They’re used for gaming as well as professionally for making 3D models, processing videos, etc.

Igor Wallossek, editor-in-chief of Igor’s Lab, has leaked an updated launch schedule for Arc GPUs saying that they will roll out from August 5 through September. This is the third rumor about Intel’s Arc lineup that surfaced this week.

The first rumor came from a YouTube channel called Moore’s Law is Dead which was disproved by Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, and VP of graphics, Raja Koduri. Both confirmed that the cards are still on track to launch on Q3 (July-September) 2022.

According to Intel’s marketing strategy, the company launches products one by one rather than all at once. The same happened before, Intel’s Arc A380 GPU was launched first and then the company started talking about their high-end Arc A750 Limited Edition graphics card.

The chip maker will also let some people review these cards ahead of launch. The platform will be either tech YouTubers or written media outlets, which is not decided yet. The exclusive reviews will be based on Intel’s in-house GPUs, and not ones made by partner companies like Asus, Gunnir, etc.

The limited launch will allow Intel to test out their new GPUs and drivers to fine-tune them before the global launch. As for when Intel will launch these globally, only time will tell.