Pakistani Students Hailed as ‘Ambassadors’ in USA

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Masood Khan, remarked that Pakistan students who are enrolling at American universities will strengthen ties in different spheres between countries.

He recently stated this at the Pakistani embassy while addressing the students enrolled in various educational programs in the US.

Fifty outstanding students from Pakistan are currently in the US on full scholarships under the US-sponsored Global Undergraduate Program to take up a semester at 39 different educational institutions in 24 states.

Another group of 15 Pakistani students completed a 6-week long tour under the Study of US Institutions (SUSI) program for student leaders.

The ambassador thanked the US government for hosting the Pakistani students to train them in skills building, leadership development, American studies, and community service.

This would help these young leaders understand American society, governance, and educational systems.

Ambassador Khan also commended the students who were selected from all four provinces, as well as Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Gilgit–Baltistan, 60 percent of whom are females.

He highlighted that some of the students hail “from the most underrepresented areas and towns,” and added that it is “a great learning opportunity” for them.

The envoy was also appreciative of the students studying advanced disciplines such as agriculture, engineering, environment, biotechnology, microbiology, computer science, law, political science, and international relations.

He said, “Since this is an exchange program I hope that in due course we would be able to host and place American students in Pakistani universities. Hundreds of American faculty members and academics go to Pakistan but very few students do so”.

He further remarked:

American students’ participation in Pakistani educational programs will help build trust and understanding between our two countries.

Speaking at the gathering, Branch Chief South and Central Asia Fulbright Programs, Julia Findlay, underscored the importance of Pak-US bilateral relations and the multifaceted cooperation that exists between the two countries.

This year marks an important milestone of 75 years of Pak-US diplomatic relations. The United States and Pakistan enjoy a very strong partnership and this is one of the many events to highlight the depth and breadth of that partnership. This bilateral relationship is very important to both countries and the people.

The Director of South and Central Asia Press and Public Diplomacy, Molly Stephenson, said that the purpose of the educational exchanges is to create powerful networks between the two countries, and told the students that they are  “all ambassadors with the cause to strengthen this relationship”.

The Pakistani students participating in the SUSI program learned about American culture and values, education and workforce development, economics and business, foreign policy, religious freedom, and pluralism in the US.

Pakistan is the largest recipient of the Fulbright scholarship, with an alumni network of more than 25,000. It also allotted an acre of land in Islamabad for the US Education Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) earlier this year to promote educational ties between the two countries,

Ambassador Khan also revealed that Pakistan will revive its Knowledge Corridor program, under 10,000 students and professionals will be sent to the US for higher education in the next decade.

The event was also attended by Senior Program Officer, Teresa Mastrangelo; the Political Team Lead from the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, US State Department, Nathaniel Lynn; and representatives from the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX).

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