Stars Rain as Millennials Blitz Through CAIE 2022 with 1100 A*s and A’s

As a testament to the academic prowess of The Millennium Education (TME) as a leading A-Level college in Pakistan, the Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE) of June 2022 has seen Millennials absolutely dominate the landscape with a whopping 1100 A*s and A’s, continuing last year’s streak of 24 Cambridge Learner Awards at the IGSCE and A-level, proving their mettle and solidifying their legacy across the board.

The learners, teaching faculty, and school community alike share their jubilation at this occasion, with the students taking the lion’s share of the congratulations as their academic fidelity and emphasis on excellence has once again shone through.

Reflecting on this monumental achievement, an ecstatic Dr. Faisal Mushtaq, founder and chief executive of TME Group, said, “Continued exceptional achievements are a testament to the 35 years legacy of commitment to academic excellence and quality of education imparted across The Millennium Education and Future World Schools & Colleges“.

These exceptional grades, he continued, were cognizant of the fact that Millennials are ready to pursue their dream career at distinguished and reputed varsities at both the national and international level, further becoming a source of prestige and pride for both their country and the system that has equipped them with so much to give.

Dr. Faisal Mushtaq also praised the excellent teaching faculty for their efforts which bought about such exceptional results and felicitated the parents, who had led the students through the school year with exceptional zeal and responsibility.

Both the faculty and parents should be proud of their achievements, he added, as these had contributed massively to the moniker of TME as the absolute peak of IGCSE schools in Pakistan.

TME Director Teaching and Learning, Erum Atif, emphasized the role schooling plays in every student’s academic and professional life.

She said that platforms like TME and Future World Schools (FWS) are the launching pad of a lifetime of success and achievements with provisions of the right skill sets, opportunities, and social skills. When imparted efficiently and with a goal in mind, these equip the child for a better future ahead.

Ms Erum further expounded on the fact that TME aims to inculcate in its Millennials the curiosity needed to progress further in life and the keenness required to learn and excel at every stage of their lives.

She said that it was educational platforms like these that strive for excellence and bring out the absolute best in every child for them to utilize their potential in a manner that would make their parents, teachers, and their nation proud.

With this Herculean achievement, TME has once again claimed the top spot of academic excellence for globally recognized CAIE AS and A Level qualifications. At the pinnacle of this achievement, TME recognizes the unfailing efforts and dutifulness of the academic faculty, the untiring dedication of the parents, and the Millennials themselves who delivered excellence above-par.

They have all the reasons to be incredibly proud of this achievement, one that shines a bright light on the legacy of the Millennials and the impeccable teaching platform that they benefit from, far overshadowing the rest of the A-Level Colleges in Pakistan.

TME Group, with this resounding success, aims to take these achievements several notches up by further improving their academic prowess and by emphasizing further teacher-parent collaboration that has yielded such astronomical results.

The only way now is up, and TME recognizes that, and intends to further double down on this result and once again, make a case for itself on the global fora with academic excellence and an impeccable teaching repertory.

In closing, TME Group once again felicitates the students, the academic faculty, and the parents on this occasion and wishes all the best to these studious individuals in their future endeavors, however, daring and boundary-pushing they may be.

The young Millennials rightfully deserve this recognition and applause, and TME Group recognizes it as their time to shine onwards. Vive l’Excellence!