AkzoNobel Pakistan’s New Campaign Stresses to Honor Our Country as Our Identity

Responsible citizens are actively involved in their community and in the betterment of their fellow citizens or their motherland at the same time. They take pride in where they live and strive to make it a better place.

On this memorable occasion, Dulux Paints released a heartfelt DVC #PehchaanKaRung, starring Pakistan’s TV Icon ‘Babar Ali’, emphasizing that motherland comes first and will always be the most important element of any Pakistani citizen’s identity.

The campaign/DVC, told through the eyes of a young architect, challenges today’s youth – the intellectual capital of the country – to recognize their role and contribute to Pakistan’s prosperity.


AkzoNobel is committed to contributing to the sustainable future of Pakistan. For decades, the vibrant colors of Dulux have been bringing alive our identity as individuals and families.

As we near the historic 75 years of Independence of Pakistan, let us celebrate our identity as responsible citizens of Pakistan and contribute to the future of our country.

Dulux Paints has been an intrinsic part of every family’s life in Pakistan for over five decades. Dulux’s over 2,000 brilliant colors have been safeguarding the inside and outside of houses while also giving color to the lives of families.

Our youth has enormous potential and to achieve this goal, the government must adopt steps to fight issues such as unemployment, insufficient educational institutions, and others, allowing them to develop unhindered.

For the youth to fulfill their part to perfection, the state and society have a responsibility to them in the shape of unwavering faith. As a free nation, our young require the freedom to develop in whatever way they believe is best for their own and the country’s future.

Only positive reinforcement produces favorable results. We must ensure that the youth do not lose their passion, but rather thrive. Their wings must not be cut, but they must be provided with the steady wind so that they can soar higher and write the county’s name in the skies.

Let us make a promise that our commitment to the advancement of our country will always be our top priority. Our country is and will always be our identity.

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