Hacks to Capture Professional Shots Using a Smartphone

Smartphones are evolving with time and raising the bar high in photography so that anyone can take professional-grade pictures through their smartphones.

vivo’s X80 is one such device that set new standards in the industry. Technology surely plays a huge part but when one is skilled enough, they can achieve even more impressive results.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a few professional tips that are extremely effective while capturing pictures with the smartphone; they will help transform photos from “blah” to “fantastic” in no time!

Let’s learn detailed tips for shooting cinematic footage with a top-of-the-line smartphone vivo X80, including selecting the right subject, adjusting exposure, using light, and achieving smooth camera movement.

Getting the Basics Right

vivo X80 provides many video settings and the user should understand these modes. With such a high-quality tool at your disposal, it only makes sense to not rush a shot.

The advisable video resolution is 4K (UHD) with 30 FPS (Frames per second) as 4K is the best resolution to export videos and 30 FPS is the best frame rate for regular speed motion.

However, you can change the frame rate to 60 FPS for slow motion. If you want a higher resolution video, the vivo X80 also has an 8K resolution option.

For stabilization, keeping the camera at standard mode is a very important tip as the ultra-stabilization option reduces the resolution to 1080P. Horizontal line stabilization is yet another great feature present in the X80. It automatically levels the horizon even if you turn the phone.

To sum it up, there are a lot of features every photography enthusiast can get to pick and choose from to express their individuality and photography sense depending on what are they going for.

Picking an Interesting Subject

Smartphones are really efficient when clicking images of brightly colored subjects. Secondly, there is a need for a subject that you can get close to, as well as one that can be interacted with according to the required angle.

Taking this into consideration, it will add depth to the shot and make your subject look 3D and interesting otherwise the subject becomes a tiny, unrecognizable object in the distance.

Nothing adds more interest to a shot than having another person as the subject. It’s great to have a human subject as it becomes more artistic to film them experiencing the scene.

Human subjects are characters with deep emotions and physical innuendos in their body language. Utilizing this, you can give life to your image or film.

Additionally, with ZEISS Superb Portrait featured in X80, you can achieve perfect focus in every capture, vivo X80 offers multiple camera technologies and features to safeguard and enhance the quality of your portraits.

The AI Skin Retouching Algorithm and AI HD Algorithm of the X80, provide a stunning studio-quality edge while preserving the natural look and depth of the complexion.

Setting the Exposure

The smartphone’s auto exposure is one of the best tools that can be easily manipulated to get perfect photos. You can tap anywhere on the screen to lock your exposure, then drag it until the details behind your subject become clearer.

The auto exposure feature should only be used when your shot has a lot of dynamic range, i.e. light and dark in the same scene. This will let your phone automatically compensate for that.

Most of the shoots include a constant location change, sometimes within the same shot, to avoid any lighting or exposure issues, you can use the various innovative modes of the X80, like Professional Video Mode, Sport Mode, Night Sport Mode, provided with ZEISS Professional Video to capture every moment perfectly.

Finding the Best Angle for Lighting

Talking about the lighting, for an experienced photographer, the best time to shoot is in direct sunlight on sunny days. Usually in the early morning or late afternoon when the light is at a lower angle.

During these times, you can use the sunlight as a front light when it is hitting your subject directly as it brings out the saturation in the brightly colored subject.

But talking about the X80, you can achieve a similar photography experience even in low light conditions due to its Super Night Portrait, you can shoot clear photos even in low light with a bokeh that blends perfectly with the background.

You can take some stylish depth selfies even when it’s dark or capture selfies with your loved ones with that magical moonlight or shoot vlogs showing those delightful midnight walks.

Trying Out Different Camera Movements

For a professional, camera gestures are the last stage in creating perfect cinematic smartphone shots. You can make the shot more dynamic by moving your smartphone in one direction or the other.

It also helps to keep everything steady while filming: hold the phone firmly, lower your shoulders, and walk as smoothly as possible.

Furthermore, the wide-angle lens is ideal for shooting forward motion. The shot appears faster and more dynamic as a result. You can also film an orbit shot without a gimble using a wide-angle feature.

First of all, look for an open space, then position your subject in the center of the space with as much space around it as possible. Then properly set up your camera, point it at the subject, point your toes in the direction you want to walk, and you’re done!

X80 also offers 360° Horizon Leveling Stabilization maximizes the stabilization range of each frame to ensure that the video quality is smooth and clear while shooting indoors or outdoors.

With these great tips, you can transform your smartphone photography from ordinary to extraordinary. Remember that practice makes perfect, and with a camera that can do so much in your pocket, there’s no reason not to pick it up and press the shutter.

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