iPhone 14 is One of the Most Repairable iPhones to Date

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The vanilla iPhone 14 is one of the best-built iPhones to date, both in terms of durability and repairability. Apple’s new flagship recently made rounds at YouTuber JerryRigEverything’s renowned durability test, highlighting several key factors about the phone’s build.


The base iPhone 14 is much easier to repair compared to previous models. This is because it can finally be opened from the back, making disassembly a lot easier, which is a significant upgrade for repairability and longevity. This will also save you money while getting official repairs from Apple, costing only $169 compared to the $499 iPhone 14 Pro that has a glued-shut design.

Scratch Test

Moving on to the durability test, the new iPhone 14 is just as strong as the iPhone 13. Its screen is slightly more scratch resistant than Android phones thanks to Apple’s Ceramic Shield. It only gets negligible scratches at level 6 on Moh’s hardness scale and actual scratches at level 7.

The cameras on the back, however, get scratched up easily at levels 6, 7, and 8, proving once again that Apple’s “sapphire crystal” protection is just marketing jargon. As Zack points out in his video, the cameras would greatly benefit if Apple used the same Ceramic Shield material on the back.

Burn and Bend Test

The next test showed that the screen can survive about 30 seconds under a naked flame before it permanently damages the pixels as well as the panel’s brightness. The pixels do not recover, and the screen brightness gets stuck to one level after being exposed to the flame.

Finally, the bend test proves how the iPhone is as sturdy as a brick. Bending the phone from the back or front does not flex the handset at all.

Check out the full video for more details.

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