Upgradation of Air Traffic Control System at Two Main Airports to Cost Rs. 3.396 Billion

The Civil Aviation Authority will upgrade and replace Air Traffic Management (ATM) & Voice Communication and Control Systems (VCCS) at two main airports of the county with an estimated cost of Rs 3.396 billion.

The decision was taken after a committee consisting of navigation experts had recommended the replacement and up-gradation of the decade-old Air Traffic Management (ATM) & Voice Communication and Control Systems (VCCS) at the area control centers of Jinnah International Airport (JIAP), Karachi, and Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIA), Lahore, official documents available with the Propakistani reveal.

The project will be completed in two years (July 2022-June 2024) and it will cost Rs 3.396 billion, the documents added

As per the documents, the existing systems are almost 12 years old and have outlived their useful life. These systems are therefore prone to frequent breakdowns and causing enormous difficulties in maintaining their operation at an optimum level of efficiency due to systems obsolescence and non-availability of spare support from the manufacturers and even the international and local market. Consequently, an accurate, reliable, and dependable operation of existing systems cannot be ensured for a longer period. The system(s) are essentially required to provide air traffic services.

The project aims to ensure the availability of adequate communication, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) infrastructure to facilitate safe and secure aircraft operations to fulfill the obligatory requirement of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (Pak-CAA), the project documents reveal.

The project documents state that under the scope of the project, the authority will equip area control centers of Karachi and Lahore with state-of-the-art technology of Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Voice Communication and Control Systems (VCCS) comprising efficient safety Nets for secure and safe air traffic operation. This is also to enhance the additional Air Traffic Control sectors along with the latest ATC tools to cope with the ever-growing Air-traffic density in the region for the next 05-10 years; replace the hardware of ATM & VCCS systems with new generation technology, which is considered obsolete in terms of technology; and enhance the Pak-CAA’s capability to make its airspace safer and to have more watchful and efficient control of its skies.

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