Illegal Nursing Schools and Colleges to be Shut Down Immediately

Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) has decided to shut down illegal nursing schools and colleges operating across the country with immediate effect.

Speaking in this regard, the newly-elected President of PNC, Dr. Shazia Aslam, said that PNC will make surprise visits to nursing institutes in the country, and will decide whether to close the institutes after inspecting them.

Dr. Shazia added that the nursing institutes meeting most of the PNC requirements will be asked to ensure compliance with PNC standards at the earliest, while those operating in flagrant violation of PNC requirements will be sealed.

She said that mismanagement and illegal practices have tainted the image of PNC in the country. The newly-elected council of PNC has decided to restore the lost glory of PNC, she added.

Dr. Shazia also acknowledged the delays in the current processes of registration of new nurses and issuance of registration cards to them. However, she promised to streamline the processes in the coming weeks.

She underscored the need of improving the online processes of the PNC and said that it will seek help from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) in this regard.