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Vehicle Examiner Dismissed Due to Alleged Negligence

Provincial Minister of Transport Muneeb Sultan Cheema has temporarily dismissed Motor Vehicle Examiner (MVE), Sheikhupura, following reports of poor performance.

Regional Taxation Officer (RTA) alleged in a complaint that MVE Ahmed Saeed was negligent in his duties. However, details about what he was negligent about weren’t shared.

Cheema, along with law minister Khurram Virk and other PTI office bearers held a meeting at the DC office, Sheikhupura. He discussed various developmental efforts and emphasized a ‘zero-tolerance’ stance against corner-cutting.

CTP Administrative Hiccups

Rawalpindi City Traffic Police (CTP) reportedly has over a million unattended documents that it plans to discard from its shelves. The department confiscated these documents on account of various violations.

The department reportedly still has seized documents from over a decade ago. Sources state that the occupied shelf space is also a major expense for the department.

The report highlights that most drivers give duplicate identification cards rather than submitting the original. Similarly, instead of paying a fine, drivers use duplicate registration books and continue using their vehicles without the original documents.

The magistrate’s office has recommended the authorities to have NADRA block the identification cards of those who do not retrieve their confiscated documents within two months.

Blocking the ID cards will force drivers to retrieve the confiscated documents and pay the fine, allowing the government to increase its revenues, the staff added.

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