PM Shehbaz Wants Ramiz Raja to Continue as PCB Chairman and Prove Himself

Former Pakistan captain, Ramiz Raja, was elected as the Pakistan Cricket Board’s Chairman last year in September, and several major developments in domestic and international cricket have occurred since then.

When former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, was dethroned by a no-confidence motion in April of this year, it was expected that Ramiz Raja would also lose his position to make way for former PCB Chairman, Najam Aziz Sethi.

However, Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif, has shown confidence in Ramiz Raja, saying that he has served the board for five or six months and that more time should be given to him to prove himself competent.

“Ramiz Raja had only served five to six months as PCB Chairman, hence he should be given a proper chance to prove himself. We will take a decision regarding Pakistan cricket with complete discussion,” he said.

In May, Rana Mashood Ahmad, a member of the Punjab Provincial Assembly, stated that the government was dealing with various issues and could not make a decision about the cricket board chairman on time.

It is worth noting that Australia and England visited Pakistan after 24 and 17 years, respectively, during Ramiz’s tenure. He also launched the Pakistan Junior League (PJL) to provide a perfect platform for under-19 cricketers to make their way up to the top level.