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Islamabad Police Takes Action Against Illegal Parking in Blue Area

Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) traffic division has launched a crackdown operation against unlawful parking in the Blue Area.

In an official tweet, the department stated:

Sidewalks are meant for pedestrians. Please don’t turn them into a parking lot and be a responsible citizen.

Blue Area is one of the main business centers of the twin cities where parking is often a problem. The limited parking space forces people to park their cars by the roadside. This not only disturbs the traffic but also causes problems for the owners of parked vehicles as they have no choice but to park wherever they can.

While the people have appreciated ICTP for trying to address the traffic flow issue, they have also requested the administration to create sufficient parking space in Blue Area to eradicate these issues altogether.

Action Against Unregistered Vehicles

The department is also carrying out a strict operation against unregistered vehicles plying on the federal capital’s roads. A media report claims that the department has fined thousands of unregistered vehicles and motorcycles since the start of 2022.

Inspector General (IG) Islamabad Police Akbar Nasir Khan’s special directives have led to the deployment of special squads in the federal capital to target cars and bikes without number plates and registration.

Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Dr. Syed Mustafa Tanweer is spearheading the operation under the supervision of IG Islamabad. The action is the result of rising thefts, burglaries, and other terrorist activities in Islamabad that include the common use of unregistered cars and bikes.