Check Out Football Captain’s Fiery Speech Upon Pakistan’s Return to International Football [Video]

Pakistan football team is determined to bounce back after a narrow defeat against Nepal.

After FIFA lifted the ban on Pakistan Football Federation, the national men’s team competed in an international match against Nepal for the first time in three years. Although the Men in Green could not make a mark in their first international outing after a long pause, they managed to put up a good show.

Prior to the start of the match, Pakistan’s captain Hasan Bashir made a motivational speech in the dressing room that resonated with the feelings of millions of Pakistan football fans. The striker told the players to fight for the future of the next generation of footballers in Pakistan as they have made a comeback after 3 years and they must keep going to bring back the game in the country.

The captain stated that the team should put all of their effort on the field as they are fighting for the future of football in Pakistan and their efforts will help in motivating the children in the country.

  • Babar Rizwan type locker room clips are impactful because they are in Urdu and not in English. Had they not been translated from English into Urdu, they wouldn’t have the desired impact. You’d think the people are foreign, untrustworthy and not relatable. It is because of this careful understanding of our culture that makes the directors of such low quality theatre a middle power, or as per their recent, dramatic Will Smith-like shenanigans, a super power. The PFF charlatans need to resign forthwith and conduct elections.

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