Stray Dogs Kill and Eat 8-Year-Old in Punjab

A pack of stray dogs killed an eight-year-old boy in the town of Tahli Mangeni, District Chiniot, on Sunday.

The deceased child, who was identified as Bilal Hassan, was attacked while playing outside his home and was mauled to death. It was learned that the dogs had eaten the child’s body as well.

The incident has shocked the townspeople who have now prohibited children from leaving their homes.

Locals stated that several stray dogs roam in the area but the local administration has done nothing to safeguard people from them.

In a similar incident, a seven-year-old boy was mauled to death by a pack of stray dogs in Vehari in September.

It was learned that the child, Muhammad Tayyab, who was a resident of Basti Riazabad on Sargana Road in Mailsi tehsil, was playing outside his house when he was attacked by 10 stray dogs. They are said to have dragged him to a nearby field and mauled him to death.

Such incidents of dog bites have forced locals to call for the culling of stray dogs but government authorities have been involved in TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, and return) programs of late as a humane solution to reduce the population of stray dogs in Punjab.

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