ADB to Provide $200 Million for Road Restoration in Flood-Hit Areas of Sindh

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will provide $200 million for the rehabilitation of roads in 23 flood-affected districts of Sindh Province.

The Sindh government jointly with ADB is launching the Sindh Flood Emergency Reconstruction Project with an estimated cost of $220 million in 23 flood-affected districts of the provinces, according to official documents available with ProPakistani.

According to the documents, the Sindh Flood Emergency Reconstruction Project, which is part of the Emergency Flood Assistance project (FFAP), will be funded at the ratio of 90pc and 10pc respectively by ADB and the Government of Sindh. Of the total estimated cost of $220 million (Rs. 48.4 billion), ADB will provide $200 million, while the Sindh government will fund $20 million, the documents reveal.

The road projects under the Sindh Flood Emergency Reconstruction Project will be completed in 36 months.

Project Description

The provincial/district roads of Sindh have been badly affected due to heavy monsoon rains during 2022 which require immediate rehabilitation or reconstruction, while some of the roads are in sustainable condition. Deteriorated roads are one of the main causes of poverty, and illiteracy and affect the socioeconomic development of the region.

The intensified recent heavy monsoon rain and flooding during the months of August 2022 have worsened the fragile humanitarian situation of people in Sindh and also the transportation network of Sindh has been badly affected.

The main objectives of the project are as under;

  • To provide an all-weather transportation link between the cities for passenger and cargo traffic.
  • To reduce poverty and provide better access for the population to markets and social services by improving and rehabilitating the rural access road network > Reconstruction/Reconditioning/Rehabilitation of roads will improve lifestyle, reduce wear and tear of vehicles and improve communication

This will provide the basic facility to commuters and access the adjacent town to health facilities, higher education, and easy access to their workplace.

Selection Criteria

All sub-projects will be screened through the following selection criteria:

  1. The road subprojects are part of the Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) report or the addition of any further roads subject to verification that roads were damaged during the flood.
  2. The resource envelope will be equally distributed (50.50), between Provincial roads and district roads as per Sindh Road Network Master Plan.
  3.  Already established traffic volumes, condition surveys, and flood susceptibility would ascertain the priority of the road in the shortlist.
  4. The minimum length of the district road should not be less than 10km, or any smaller road can be included providing connectivity to the main road (not more than 20 percent of the district roads portfolio).
  5. The district roads leading to either health or education facilities would get priority.
  6. The district and provincial road identified for ADB intervention should not overlap with other donor agencies.
  7. Subproject/s fall under environment or involuntary resettlement category A as per ADB’s SPS will not be selected.