Jazz and Sprite Collaborate for ‘Thand Rakh Aur Bann Super’ Offer

Jazz has partnered with soft drink brand Sprite to launch their latest joint campaign called, ‘Thand Rakh Aur Bann Super’ nationwide.

Under this partnership, Sprite and Fanta bottles (500ML, 1L, and 1.5L packaging) will now have a promo code printed at the back of their labels that can be redeemed to avail Jazz Super 4G Data.

Customers can immediately get some extra data from Jazz Super 4G as soon as their broadband packages run out by dialing *145*code#.

Speaking about the offer, Asif Aziz, Jazz’s Chief Commercial Officer, said, “As the country’s leading digital operator, Jazz fully understands the importance of uninterrupted internet connectivity. We are always brainstorming new ideas to make broadband internet more affordable and accessible, and this “Thand Rakh Aur Ban Super” offer is a brilliant new effort in that direction.”

“It will come in handy whenever internet discontinuity issues arise and will prevent customers from going into a stressful frenzy whether in the midst of watching an engrossing show or playing a fierce game online,” he added.

Ahmed Wahab Shah, Marketing Director, The Coca-Cola Company, said, “At Sprite we have always synced our chords with the power of youth. Our tagline, “Thand Rakh”, is also reflective of the youthful energy, especially of Gen Z.”

“As a growing market segment, it is important that we align with their preferences. Staying connected, and celebrating together are two of their key ethos. With this collaboration, we aim to enhance our customers’ collective experience,” he added.