Did Saleem Malik Force Wasim Akram to Wash His Clothes and Clean Shoes in Dressing Room?

Former Pakistan captain, Saleem Malik, has denied the allegations leveled against him by teammate Wasim Akram, stating that he does not want to discuss anything that could cause controversy.

While speaking to the media regarding the legendary pacer’s allegations in his official biography, Sultan: A Memoir, Malik stated, “I don’t know whether Wasim Akram’s writing is a pack of jokes or not.”

In his biography, the left-arm pacer wrote harsh words about Saleem Malik, claiming that the former right-handed batter was narrow-minded and selfish and that he ordered him to clean his shoes and clothes.

Responding to these accusations, Saleem Malik said, “Had I been a selfish or negative person, Wasim Akram would not have been given a chance to bowl in the first match and he would have not taken six wickets.”

Malik clarified that on foreign tours, laundry machines were available, so there was no need for handwashing. It seems that such things were incorporated into the book to make the text crispy,  he clarified.

The former middle-order batter went on to say that Wasim appears to be running a publicity campaign based on blame, but it will do significant damage to his personality as well as his two-decade-long career.

Wasim’s autobiography caused a stir in the cricketing fraternity as he shed light on his personal journey throughout his cricketing career. The legendary pacer also revealed the details about his struggles with cocaine addiction after his retirement from cricket.

Via: 24 News HD

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