Woman Dies From Heart Attack After Sudden Raid of Police

A woman suffered a heart attack during a sudden raid by police in Karachi’s Lyari Town.

A Karachi police squad stormed a home in Lyari, on Friday, to apprehend a person of interest. The suspect attempted to escape the scene after the police arrived at the apartment.

During a struggle between the suspect and police officers, a lady died from cardiac arrest. Rescue workers carried the woman’s body to the hospital.

In related developments, Karachi police launched a case earlier this year on the allegation of a man who claimed his wife had passed away after suffering a heart attack during a raid at their residence in the Federal B Area.

He informed police that policemen broke into his residence at midnight using ladders and blindfolded him and his son. They also mistreated his family, causing his wife to have a heart attack.

He asked higher authorities to act against individuals who carried out an unlawful raid on his home and killed his wife.