Steel Industry Urges Govt to Switch to Daylight Saving Time

Pakistan Association of Large Steel Producers (PALSP) has urged the government to switch to daylight saving time (DST) by reversing clocks by one hour.

In a statement, PALSP said that this measure will not only improve the productivity and performance of the industry but will also help to reduce the effects of power shortage.

The statement said that the extra hour of daylight will give a boost to businesses and increase economic activity. Earlier in 2009, the industry had achieved better results from the experience of DST, it added.

The PALSP stated the DST is a need of the hour because it will not only give stimulants to the economy but will also help in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of flood-affected areas. This will result in stimulating economic growth and create much-needed job opportunities and activation in the linked downstream industries.

It mentioned that the practice is being exercised by many countries to save energy. Almost 64 countries used DST in 2022 (including Turkey Iran, Canada, the US, European Union). These countries set their clock one hour forward in spring and one hour back in fall.

It mentioned that businesses also have the advantage of seeing increased purchasing activity when there’s an extra hour of sunlight. It is particularly beneficial for industries related to retail sectors, construction, agriculture, and tourism.

PALSP said that policymakers should decide to implement daylight saving time by evaluating all effects such as economic situation, electricity consumption, rehabilitation of flood affectees, and trade activities.