You Can Finally Message Yourself on WhatsApp

After being in beta for ages, the Message Yourself feature is finally rolling out to the live version of WhatsApp for iOS and Android.

As the name says, Message Yourself, quite literally, lets you send messages to yourself. This chat with yourself will work like any other regular chat, except the messages will only be for your eyes. You can use this to save important information for later or send files, documents, links, etc between different devices.

For instance, if you send a link to yourself on the phone, and then log in through your laptop on WhatsApp Web, the link will also show up on your computer.

WhatsApp has been testing this feature since October when it was first released to the beta version. Other platforms, including Telegram and Slack, have offered it since day one. People have been able to work around its absence in the past by deleting other folks from a group to create a private conversation for themselves, but now the process should be a lot quicker.

The rollout process is still underway, so the feature is not available for some people at the time of writing. It hasn’t arrived in Pakistan either, at least for us at the ProPakistani headquarters in Islamabad.

More Features Coming

In related news, WhatsApp is also working on a number of new minor features at the moment. Some of these are already available in the beta version for some users, meaning that it will not be long before they roll out to the live version.

One of these would be a small update to group chats, where members will have their profile pictures visible next to their messages in the chat. The app will also let you forward messages and media with captions soon.

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