Men Who Made Objectionable Videos of 200 Baloch Girls Get Minor Jail Term

A local court sentenced the two suspects of the infamous obscene video scandal involving more than 200 girls in the Quaidabad area of ​​Quetta to just six years in prison.

According to details, the judicial magistrate sentenced the accused Hidayatullah and Khalil to six years in prison and also ordered them to pay a fine of Rs. 500,000.

It should be noted here that in December 2021, objectionable videos were made of more than 200 girls in Quetta. They were tricked on the promise of jobs, but the offenders made the drug addicts, after which they were sexually assaulted and filmed. The culprits also blackmailed them through the videos.

After the issue went viral on social media, the police arrested the accused, former councilor Hidayatullah Khilji, who had confessed during the investigation that he had started this heinous act with the female students of Balochistan University and then used his connections to get more girls to victimize them on the promise of giving them government jobs.

Published by
Haroon Hayder