Punjab Likely to Get 3 Weekly Holidays for Schools and Work From Home

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has expressed serious displeasure over the Punjab government’s failure to contain smog in the province.

While hearing petitions against the prevailing smog in Punjab, an LHC bench hinted at declaring three holidays for all public and private schools and colleges in the province.

The bench is also considering to order mandatory work-from-home (WFH) for all public and private organizations in the province. The LHC considered these measures to prevent citizens from falling prey to smog-induced illnesses.

LHC Judge, Justice Shahid Kareem, observed that the Punjab government doesn’t appear serious about enforcing strict measures to curb smog in the province.

He added that the smog situation in the province is deteriorating with each passing day. Justice Shahid also suggested the provincial government hire renowned international environmentalists to contain smog in Punjab.

Justice Shahid directed the lawyers to consult relevant provincial ministries regarding the closure of educational institutes and WFH for offices and inform the court on the next hearing.

  • There would be no solution until we stop treating our country as a junk recycling land. Furnaces from Lahore to Gujranwala are recycling copper and exporting it non stop. No value addition just $ going into pockets of seths. Aqi of region have been destroyed!

    • Not only copper. They are importing compressors into Pakistan, crush them and then separate steel and copper by melting them into furnaces. All the process results into emissions of hazardous gases into the environment. End product is Re exported to China as they have barred local steel production due to their commitment for net zero till 2050.

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