Islamabad Airport Officials Suspended for Allowing Drug Smuggling for Money

The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) has opened an investigation to determine facts about its officers receiving bribes at Islamabad International Airport to let drugs and narcotics through security checkpoints.

After a video showing ANF officers taking bribes from an international passenger recently went viral on social media, the ANF has suspended three personnel involved in the incident.

One of the officials can be seen taking foreign money from the passenger in the video. This was done in front of his colleagues. Another official can also be heard telling the passenger that the packets of drugs were too expensive, so he will take one and leave the rest.

The official suggested to the passenger that if he wants to take the drugs with him, he must pay extra money. The official can be heard complaining to the passenger that there are no Euros or Pounds in the bag.

The ANF official got two foreign currency notes while he let the passenger keep the remaining money.

In an official statement, the ANF said that “In line with the work ethics of ANF characterized by integrity and professionalism, the video viral on social media implicating ANF officials in illegal gratification is being scrutinized through a very high-level inquiry to ascertain the facts and apportion blame. Till the finalization of the inquiry, the concerned officials have been suspended.”