Pakistan Football Takes Off: FIFA Team to Monitor Progress in Next Visit

Pakistan Football Federation’s FIFA-appointed Normalization Committee has been under scrutiny since Pakistan’s ban from carrying out football activities was lifted earlier this year. There has been a lot of pressure on the Normalization Committee to carry out PFF elections from all corners of the country.

As revealed by the Normalization Committee’s Chairman, Haroon Malik, a joint delegation of FIFA and Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is set to visit the country next month to monitor Normalization Committee’s progress over the past months and their steps to carry out the elections.

It is understood that the delegation will arrive for a three-day visit on 20 January, where they will meet PFF’s top brass to observe the development of the game in the country.

The delegation will also meet Pakistan Sports Board’s officials, the Ministry of Inter-provincial Coordi­nation, and the Senate Standing Comm­ittee on Sports.

Haroon Malik, during a press conference held yesterday, revealed that the PFF Normalization Committee is trying to hold the elections at the earliest possible time and significant progress has been made regarding the matter. He revealed that the current club registration process is set to be completed this month, while their scrutiny will be completed by next month.

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  • Mr. Malik must request his handlers to move him to Afghanistan to promote female football there. Let us be done with our elections in a month, as promised. We have many things to do. Everything we planned has been delayed by at least 3 years. Who is at fault? Who created this mess? Our one and only enemy from within: the kabadders.

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