Apple May Start Making iPads in India Soon

Two sources cited by CNBC claim that India is in talks with Apple to begin manufacturing iPads. The Cupertino tech giant has been in talks with officials from the government about whether the Tamil Nadu plant near Chennai can be used for tablet production, but no concrete plans have yet been made.

The news comes soon after Apple started producing some of its latest iPhones in India following production issues in China.

Apple began considering diversifying its manufacturing plants in order to reduce its dependence on Chinese manufacturing since the pandemic started in early 2020. Chinese production plants, particularly Foxconn, are still suffering from COVID-19-related lockdowns and it happens to be one of Apple’s biggest manufacturing sites.

Therefore, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are currently hard to find around the globe.

The Indian plant took up production for Beats, AirPods, and the vanilla iPhone 14, which was a first for India as the factory had only produced older models before that.

Sources familiar with the matter indicated that Apple is reluctant to shift the production of iPads to India due to a shortage of skilled talent and people with the expertise to build complex mobile devices.

Only 10% of iPhones are currently made in Chennai by Foxconn, and only 5% of iPhone 14 devices are from this factory. Although the switch will take time, Apple will continue to expand its network of plants in Vietnam, Malaysia, and the United States.