WhatsApp’s ‘Message Yourself’ Feature Now Available in Pakistan

WhatsApp has recently added the ability to message yourself through a new update. The feature started rolling out around the globe last month and has finally made it to Pakistan. The update is now available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

As the name says, Message Yourself, lets you create a chat with yourself. This can be used to save messages and media for later or share files between different devices. You can even start a chat with yourself on WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web, meaning it is not limited to smartphones.

To start a self-chat, you need to head to WhatsApp’s main screen where all your chats are. Tap the button on the bottom right to start a new conversation and select yourself to begin. This new conversation with yourself will work like any other regular chat.

Here you can send messages, photos, videos, voice messages, audio files, and documents. You can even send yourself a location and start a poll with yourself, for some reason.

Any message you send to yourself will instantly appear on your other devices as well. For instance, if you are signed in on WhatsApp Desktop on your laptop, and send a message to yourself on your phone, it will also appear on the laptop instantly. This is the primary reason why people use such features on others apps like Telegram and Slack.

You can also do the opposite by sending messages to yourself on a PC to save them on your phone.

  • Whatsapp is too late to adapt. I created a group with my friend and then excluded him to use that group as my personal storage/chat space in Whatsapp since many years

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