Telegram Ends 2022 With Tons of Free New Features

Telegram has sent 2022 off with another one of its large feature dumps. This latest update includes spoiler formatting for media and new drawing tools. There is also zero storage usage, and more. 

Media Spoilers

Telegram already lets you add spoiler covers to text for those who cannot hold back talking about the latest anime episodes in group chats. But now you can also add spoiler formatting to images and videos. The blur appears on top of the media as a shimmering layer. Just like censored texts, it hides the content until the user taps it.

More Storage Tools

You can now set up separate auto-remove settings to cache media from Private Chats, Groups, and Channels. This is possible with some exceptions for certain chats. The time to load the storage pie charts has been reduced significantly on iOS.

Drawing Tools

The app includes new drawing tools with a blur tool, 5 high-precision color tools, and a new eyedropper tool. These tools adjust their width according to drawing speed and smoothen lines automatically. You can change the text size, font, background, and color of your photos and videos.

Custom animated emojis are also available for those who do not subscribe to Telegram Premium.

Custom Profile Pictures

A custom profile picture can be set for your contacts. It will appear only for you. You can also suggest the picture to your contact so that they can create it themselves.

A public profile picture can also be created for your account. This can be different from the one that you have for your contacts.

Minor Updates

Group admins with more than 100 members can now hide their members. If you are not active in a group chat, your presence will be hidden from everyone except the administrator.

The remaining changes include new progress animations for Android that allow users to jump to certain points in chat, 10 animated emoji packs for Premium users, as well as more interactive emoji.

This update is now available for iOS and Android.

  • whats the point of sharing this article ? Telegram is blocked in pakistan…ARE YOU STUPID?

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