Murree and Talagang Districts’ Fate in Jeopardy Due to Bureaucratic Delays

The status of the Murree and Talagang districts, newly constituted by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) administration in the Rawalpindi division, seems to be bleak.

According to reports, just three district officers have been ordained in both newly constituted districts: a deputy commissioner, a DPO, and a district judge.

Districts May Be Dissolved

Based on the reports, the possibility of dissolving both districts has been considered since their status would be lost if the government changed or the Punjab Assembly was dissolved.

According to bureaucratic experts, the new districts’ status will be maintained until June 30, 2023. However, the aforementioned districts have not received funding to cover their expenditures. Even their new official accounts could not be created.

As per reports, the local ministry is also struggling to define new divisions and borders.

So far, the names of these two new districts have not been formally featured in the new official gazette, nor have they been listed on any official notification list.

Even to this day, the salaries of Murree district police officers and personnel from all public departments are funded by the district accounts office in Rawalpindi, whereas Talagang district staff are paid from the district Chakwal.

Furthermore, the new districts’ assets, cars, and staff have yet to be distributed.

The Murree Development Authority, District Education, District Health Authorities, Rescue 1122, Civil Defense, Municipalities, and District Account Offices have not yet been constituted, nor have its officers been recruited.

Tenders for the four tehsils of both the Murree and Talagang districts will also be released from the Rawalpindi and Chakwal districts.

Still Managed by Rawalpindi and Chakwal

Murree is still primarily managed by the Rawalpindi deputy commissioner, and the Talagang district system is still managed by the Chakwal DC.

The Rawalpindi Tehsil of the Rawalpindi District has been divided into three tehsils: City, Cantt, and Saddar. New Tehsildars have been appointed in these three tehsils. Unfortunately, their proper delineation has yet to be completed.

Via Express Tribune